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Port Charlotte Water Heater Repair

Port Charlotte water heater repair

Port Charlotte water heater repair 24/7

When you need professional Port Charlotte water heater repair at affordable prices 24/7, you need a Pipewright plumber. We are the area’s trusted leader for the repair, installation, and maintenance needs for all types of both residential and commercial units.

Whether your water heater is broken or just needs a little maintenance, our skilled plumbers will get your home or business restored right away, often the very same day that we get your call. The Pipewright technicians have vast experience working with all types of heaters – conventional gas and electric water heaters, as well as modern energy efficient tankless models.

water heater repair servicesThere is no reason to stress about water heater repairs, we can handle it for you. And if it is a new unit you need, you always have choices when working with us. Feel free to let us supply the unit or you can get one at your choice of suppliers and just have us install it for you.

Port Charlotte water heater repair tips

If you are having problems with your hot water system and water heater repair in Port Charlotte we would love to be able to help. However, if you are just looking for a little troubleshooting advice and are handy with a wrench, here are a few tips that just might help.

No hot water at all

For this symptom, you might just need to check your electric breakers. Sometimes the breaker that controls the hot water heater may trip. If there are no breakers that have tripped, then your next item to check would be the unit’s thermostat. Try pushing the reset button and see if your unit will start to function normally. If not, it is time to give us a call.

Some hot water, but it goes quickly

Let us assume that your unit was properly sized for your home size and consumption habits. If this is the case, then the likely culprit could be the lower heating element. A malfunctioning lower element will not be able to properly heat the tank contents.

You have lots of warm water but is is not getting hot enough

When you are experiencing this type of problem, you will probably be suffering the effects of a defective upper heating element. The problem here is that the lower heating element is doing its job and some of the water is being heated, but the demands are just too much for it because of the bad upper heating element.

If you would like to have the problem taken care of for you with no stress and no mess to clean up, let one of our local Port Charlotte plumbers come to the rescue.

Water Heater Maintenance

With proper care your water heater can last for several years. What is proper maintenance? Well, once a year you should take a little bit of time to flush the tank to remove sediment.

Before you attempt to drain and flush your unit, always switch off the power to the unit and allow the water inside the tank to cool. Next turn off the supply valve and attach a hose to the drain valve so that you can direct the tank contents to a drain or outside.

Now you are ready to turn the drain valve on and open one of your homes hot water faucets so that air can enter the system. After you have drained the tank contents, now comes the flushing part. Turn the unit’s incoming supply valve on and off until you see clear water being drained. You are pretty much finished now. Simply turn off the drain valve, close the hot faucet you opened earlier, and turn on the water supply.

Why choose us for your Port Charlotte water heater repair?

  • The Pipewright is known as the trusted local repair experts. We have many years in the community and have a long list of happy customers.
  • We offer our customers choices, give free estimates, and do not pressure you into bad decisions.
  • We offer value for the money! No other licensed plumbing contractor can beat our prices or match the quality and value we offer.

Port Charlotte water heater repairs

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